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our sprouts & seedling classes enjoy an allegro music class led by miss cathy twice a month. allegro offers music classes for children, ages infant through 4 years. Their classes feature the curriculum of  The Music Class®, an atlanta-based music program which emphasizes singing, dancing, movement, and instrument play. taught by cathy coker rumfelt, an experienced music teacher who is also an athens mom herself, classes incorporate energetic movement and lively music. these fun filled classes of singing, dancing, movement and instrument play are designed to stimulate musical learning.

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ages: 15 mos. to 5 years of age
offered : twice monthly (check our calendar for exact dates, typically every other wednesday at 10:30 am) 
Incorporated into our Seedlings & Sprouts Classes at no additional cost for enrolled students, PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED 

For more information or to register for Allegro's other community music classes, please visit their website.