first annual arrow art show

we recently had our first annual arrow art show at ATHICA. it was a one night only event, but was so fun and inspiring. every child that attends our sprouts and seedlings classes had at least one piece in the show and we even auctioned off a collaborative piece, which was won by local artist, Lou Kregel. we had snacks & finished off the evening with bubbles on the patio! it was a great way to finish our school year.


many thanks to all who came to support the children's art and to our wonderful staff for pulling it all together....it was a lovely night....


our annual lantern walk

we had our annual lantern walk to celebrate Martinmas....

rinne made us little cards with this sweet verse to recite:

the Sunlight fast is dwindling 
my little lamp needs kindling
its spark shines bright in darkest night...
dear lantern guide me with your light.

our seedling class made their own little lanterns.....

other friends brought their handmade lanterns as well...they were so very pretty....

we began our walk right before dusk.....

took a group photo in one of our favorite spots.....

and returned to find some surprise luminaries lit for us!

 we shared some warm cider.....

it was a lovely walk.....


spring garden party

what a fun spring party we had! we loved seeing the little ones of this community come together! thank you to all those who came, as we know it was a busy spring day in athens! and thank you to those who helped with the day's activities: tin cup for the fiddle tunes and to rebecca wood, sarah lowing, rinne allen, ike & jane, and of course rachel, the arrow helpers, and our volunteers who pulled the details together!


spring garden workday

We had another great garden workday last week...sunshine and sunny helpers...thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday morning with us- we know how busy everyone is so we really, really appreciate your help...so do the little ones!

We were able to freshen up our mulch and put in some fresh herbs, flowers, and veggies in the front bed- thanks, lauren stubbs, for heading that up! and also to wilson's parents and tyler's parents and grandmother for their help! And, thank you to our friends at 3 porch farm for donating plants to us, and to the parents who dropped some off too!

and kevin yates- from hungry gnome gardenscapes, and dad to jonah & roscoe- cleared out the bed near the seedling classroom and installed 5 donated thornless blackberries- thanks, kevin!

And, don young, aka sophia's dad, built us a little playhouse made from recycled pallets....don, thank you! We love it!

And, lastly, we refilled our sandbox with donated sand and painted the whole length of concrete wall with a fresh coat of paint...perfect for drawing!

The arrow children spent alot of time outside this week enjoying the fresh air, new picnic tables, and their beautified garden space...

Enjoy Spring, everyone!