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how you can help

founded in february of 2010, arrow is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community space in athens, georgia for families of young children to gather and play and learn from one another.

arrow is a gathering & classroom space for expectant parents and families with young children. our mission is to provide a supportive, creative and natural environment for children and families to learn and commune with one another. with a focus on the creative arts, outdoor playtime, and healthy food, arrow offers classes & workshops that cater to all members of the family, from prenatal support to continuing education workshops for parents--- inspiring families to form a strong bond of community. 

"you are the bows from which our children, as living arrows, are sent forth".-the prophet by kahlil gibran

we welcome all donations, whether it be $3, $33, or $30,000...any level of support is greatly appreciated. we also welcome in-kind donations, so please see our wishlist below or contact us if you have something you think we may need. 

donate online:

if you wish to help us fund our programs by donating online, please click the donate button below to be directed to paypal and follow the prompts. please know that we greatly appreciate your support. our made by arrow products:

arrow has commissioned a series of special, handmade items from area-artisans...things that we love and use often, things that are meaningful. all proceeds from the sales of these items directly support arrow's creative programs for children.

visit this page to see our made by arrow products!


consider an in-kind donation:
one simple thing is to drop by items from our wishlist:

it takes a wide variety of supplies to keep our programs & offerings running smoothly. below is a sampling of the types of items we use on a regular basis that we always welcome:

{ items }

  • diaper wipes
  • extra diapers (various types & sizes) 
  • paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissue, printer paper, construction paper, rolls of newsprint/butcher paper, etc.)
  • art supplies (especially paint, markers, glue & paint brushes) 
  • office supplies
  • children's books
  • dishcloths / hand towels
  • play sand for sandbox 
  • gift certificates to IKEA, Target, etc.
  • child-friendly plants/herbs for our garden

{ skills }

  • seamstresses
  • carpentry
  • painters
  • printers
  • crafty ones
  • landscapers / gardeners
  • cooks
  • idea people!

or, we always welcome volunteers:

we are always looking for new friends to help out with various activities & projects. if you are interested in helping with the fundraising process, whether by putting us in touch with potential donors, grant writing, hosting events, skill-sharing, or hosting fundraisers, please contact us. we would greatly appreciate it.

thank you,

we appreciate your support!