what makes arrow unique

we have been thinking alot lately about what makes arrow special. it is hard to put our finger on it, but lately we have received many inquiries from people who are very interested in what we do here; people from as far away as australia even. we will re-visit this topic in this blog in the future, but here are a few things that we think that make it special (in addition to all the sweet children & families who fill our space each day):

what makes us unique

- offerings that cater to all members of the family, from prenatal support to continuing education workshops for parents

- low caregiver to child ratio in our childcare offerings. our ratio is typically 1:3.

- small class sizes mean more individual attention for your child. our class maximum is 6 children.

- an emphasis on different educational philosophies that encourage students to appreciate their natural & cultural world, while developing curiosity and imagination

- collaborative partnerships with other local organizations & businesses foster our dedication to our community

- our urban neighborhood setting presents unique opportunities: field trips to local restaurants, urban community gardens & nearby historic properties