arrow explores

arrow explores: with wild intelligence

we had another fun-filled day of exploring recently, this time with the folks from wild intelligence. sarah, jason, and ann came to arrow to lead us on an urban hike. we gathered into a circle out back, in the arrow garden.

sarah set the tone for our morning by describing a story from the book, tom brown's field guide to the forgotten wilderness...then, we meandered up the sidewalk and over to our next batch of greenspace, the grounds of the historic camak house across the street.

underneath the tall oaks, the children and adults all played simple games that taught us awareness and agility. then, we began our scavenger hunt...some things were realtively easy,

but some things were harder like the snail's trail- but, alas, we found one on a large stump!

it was great to watch everyone looking for these things, while the street traffic could be heard in the distance and as the UGA football tailgaters were walking by.

next, we crossed the large intersection at prince and pulaski to make our way to our last stop, the backyard garden and stream a few houses down.

we walked in the stream and found animal tracks...a racoon maybe?

then, we made a 'nest' and a few of us pretended to be hawks looking for each other. we ended the day by creating a large web out of yarn that we passed amongst each other as we recounted our favorite parts of the morning.

we will definitely rendezvous with wild intelligence again...this was a very special morning!