special projects

special projects

arrow's special art prints

arrow is so lucky to have so many friends, and arrow is also lucky to have friends who are artists.

this fall, we asked megan fowler (of brown parcel press) and hope hilton to illustrate a quote that we love, from kahlil gibran's the prophet: "You are the bows from which your children, like living arrows, are sent forth".

megan's daughter comes to arrow (when they are in town from sparta), and hope has helped with arrow's night night program, so it was fitting to enlist these two for our first round of prints...and we love how each of them interpreted the quote so differently.

megan letterpress-printed hers in her studio in near sparta, georgia. (to see her beautiful workspace, look here). hope's prints were screenprinted in a beautiful metallic ink by double dutch press, the great folks that printed the covers for arrow's cookbooks. each print is sized to 11" x 14" and is printed in a limited edition of 18.

the prints are $68 and are available online here or just write rachel a note or ask about them the next time you come in.

all proceeds from the sales of these prints go directly to supporting arrow's creative programs for children & families in athens, georgia.

we heartily thank these two local artists for creating this work on behalf of our space!


megan fowler's print:


hope hilton's print: