a visit to thailand...

two of our little seedlings recently had a very big adventure with their family. they travelled to thailand over the holidays...and recently, along with their Mom & Nana, they told their classmates all about their was a very exciting day!!!

Dondero_visit 044.JPG
Dondero_visit 053.JPG

they brought so many fun toys and things for us to look at and feel...

Dondero_visit 048.JPG
Dondero_visit 046.JPG

we learned about the royal boats and tuktuks....

Dondero_visit 049.JPG
Dondero_visit 057.JPG

and we even got coloring sheets showing elephants and the streets of thailand! many thanks to roscoe, jonah, nana, & maria for sharing their adventures with us!

Dondero_visit 059.JPG