visiting the "pink house".....

our seedling class often takes daily trips to the sweet little garden belonging to the T.R.R. Cobb House to play, they like to call it the "secret garden". It's such a treat to have such a historic treasure in our neighborhood and our little class has observed and talked a lot about the Cobb House while playing in its garden, often referring to it as the "pink house". They have found fig and pomegranate trees in its side garden, friendly faces waving from inside, & "swirly"glass in its windows. a recent window repair has even prompted a lot of curiousity about what the inside of the house looks like, so we reached out to their Program Director, Terrell Austin, to see if our Seedling Class could have an abbreviated tour of the house and to get a sneek peek at the window repair from the inside of the house. So on a recent Monday, we walked over for the tour......

TRR Cobb visit 144.JPG

on the way over, we spotted the workers on scaffolding repairing the window....

TRR Cobb visit 149.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 199.JPG

we entered through the grand front door.....and were greeted by Ms. Austin, who began the tour by showing us the Cobb Family Tree.

TRR Cobb visit 152.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 176.JPG

we saw so many beautiful and useful things that the Cobb family used in their daily lives....

TRR Cobb visit 166.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 161.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 167.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 168.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 169.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 171.JPG

we really loved seeing the sugar nippers and sugar cabinet that always remained locked for safe keeping.....

TRR Cobb visit 182.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 165.JPG

and finally we ventured upstairs to see the window repair that we had been watching from the garden...and we got  to meet the friendly carpenters as an extra treat!

TRR Cobb visit 191.JPG

and we had a great time.....thank you T.R.R. Cobb House Staff & Ms. Austin!! 

TRR Cobb visit 184.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 192.JPG
TRR Cobb visit 204.JPG