come together

come together

come together: athens maker fest!

we love our come together events!
this one was super fun, as we teamed up with our friends from athica at the lyndon house for the athens maker fest!

the event hosted makers of all types...lace makers and spinners on up to people working with 3-d printers and robotics...a little something for everyone!

inspired by some of rinne's photography projects, all 3 of our activites had to do with light and optics, but in a very fundamental way. we made sun prints with found objects outside on the sidewalk. we also created a walk-in camera obscura room where the walls were filled with images projected from the outside. and, last but not least, there were 10 portable camera obscura that folks could put on their head to learn how a camera works (thanks to our friends janelle & ryan who fabricated them for us!).

it was great to see so many people out enjoying all types of making, and we thank the lyndon house for hosting such a great event, and thanks to hatch athens for putting it all together!

inside the camera obscura room:





come together

come together:fall

we had another great day with the creative folks from Athica, Georgia Museum of Art, and Treehouse kid&craft at our third Come Together event! each organization desinged an activity for different age groups based on the theme of "vessels". arrow led the 1 to 3 year olds and used glue and tissue paper to make bowls, using an inflated balloon as the base. then, treehouse brought yarn, glue and tin cans- the 4 to 6 year old children wound the yard around the cans covering them in multi-colored lines. GMOA had clay and jewels for the 7 to 10 year olds to make their own bejeweled cups with, in honor of their new catherine the great exhibit, and athica had ingredients for carving stamps and making books for the older kids, although all the ages mingled with all the different crafts- a sure sign of fun! thank you, everyone!


Come Together, part deux

we all had so much fun at the first come together event, so we decided to continue our collaborative educational series, this time focusing on diverse cultures. so join us as we once again team up with ATHICA, the Georgia Museum of Art, the Lyndon House Arts Center, & Treehouse Kid+Craft to host our second collaborative event with art activities planned for all ages.

here are the details....

Drop in any time on date (TBD) between time (TBD) at the location (TBD). we will have an interactive shadow puppet theatre inspired by the art of shadow play practiced throughout the ages in Asia, particularly in Indonesia. we can't wait to see what other surprises our partners have planned.

...and here's a sneak peek of our shadow puppets in the making.... 

we'll post some updates on our progress along with details on the new date....