a new series: on homemaking

we are beginning a new series today that focuses on homemaking.

we have asked some of the families at arrow to share different parts of their family life, in hopes that their experiences will inspire you in some way.

in preparation for these occasional posts, we thought we would share a video that a few of us have passed back and forth over the years...amanda first shared it with me.

but first, a little history...
when arrow first began four years ago, we had a regular group of families who gathered with their children a morning or two a week, with a goal of the parents doing some sort of handwork while the children played together. we fully admit that sometimes our knitting projects lay in a pile while our attention was more focused toward the littles, but *sometimes* there were moments when we would look around the room and the children would be playing happily and we were able to be involved with our handwork, be it knitting or something similar. those moments were special. to see the children happy was most important, but to have that time with the other parents (mamas & papas too) was an unexpected side-effect. we now reminisce about it, as those early children have now grown older and graduated from arrow, but it is a deeply cherished memory for me, one of many on my own winding path of motherhood.

here is the video of renate hiller speaking about the importance of handwork...and we will share some more thoughts soon...



our garden

getting ready for our work day...

plants from full moon:

arrow spring garden party-1081.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1093.jpg

turning wire from a pallet into a woven tunnel:

arrow spring garden party-1095.jpg

our new sandbox:

arrow spring garden party-1097.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1100.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1102.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1105.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1108.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1111.jpg

jean & little sophia stopped by:

arrow spring garden party-1113.jpg

readying the music wall ingredients:

arrow spring garden party-1114.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1115.jpg

inside the "tunnel":

arrow spring garden party-1123.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1124.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1126.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1141.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1145.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1155.jpg

the music wall:

arrow spring garden party-1160.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1162.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1164.jpg

all clean & tidy, ready for play!

arrow spring garden party-1242.jpg

and now, onto the spring party...a planting station:

arrow spring garden party-1245.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1255.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1263.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1266.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1268.jpg

our lovely art ed student, rachel:

arrow spring garden party-1273.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1285.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1306.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1317.jpg

thanks to canopy for bringing over some sling swings:

arrow spring garden party-1325.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1319.jpg

thanks to everyone who helped with the party:

the uga ied student volunteers, marti's at midday, daily groceries, big city bread, full moon coop,rwood studio, treehouse, the arrow handwork group, rachel barnes, and many, many others! thank you!

apple festival!

we had our first apple festival this past saturday at arrow...we had lots of sunshine, friendly faces, yummy pies and more! thanks to everyone who came!

tabatha and family made a run to hillcrest orchards in ellijay for apples.

(thanks, t, t, t, and f!)

author liana krissoff led an applesauce making workshop:

we blocked off the driveway with haybales, and had cider and popcron:

there were crafts, with a special blockprinting one led by susan & her 6 year old daughter, bird:

amanda played fiddle:

and, lastly, our apple pie contest:

thank you to these fine folks for contributing a pie:

5 & 10

the national

big city cafe

ike & jane


and arrow friends: sarah & lori

first place: ike & jane !

kid's choice: lori paluck !

maypop admires the wall of apples:

what a fun day!

thank you!

playsilk dyeing workshop !

in late may, rene shoemaker led a dyeing workshop at arrow.

we dyed playsilks for our little ones, but in the process we learned about immersion dyeing and some of us played around with some tie dyeing too. we had lots of fun, and will do this again sometime !

the undyed silks drying on the line:

the dyed silks hanging in the garden:

more images from the day: