first annual arrow art show

we recently had our first annual arrow art show at ATHICA. it was a one night only event, but was so fun and inspiring. every child that attends our sprouts and seedlings classes had at least one piece in the show and we even auctioned off a collaborative piece, which was won by local artist, Lou Kregel. we had snacks & finished off the evening with bubbles on the patio! it was a great way to finish our school year.


many thanks to all who came to support the children's art and to our wonderful staff for pulling it all was a lovely night....

come together

come together:fall

we had another great day with the creative folks from Athica, Georgia Museum of Art, and Treehouse kid&craft at our third Come Together event! each organization desinged an activity for different age groups based on the theme of "vessels". arrow led the 1 to 3 year olds and used glue and tissue paper to make bowls, using an inflated balloon as the base. then, treehouse brought yarn, glue and tin cans- the 4 to 6 year old children wound the yard around the cans covering them in multi-colored lines. GMOA had clay and jewels for the 7 to 10 year olds to make their own bejeweled cups with, in honor of their new catherine the great exhibit, and athica had ingredients for carving stamps and making books for the older kids, although all the ages mingled with all the different crafts- a sure sign of fun! thank you, everyone!


our garden

getting ready for our work day...

plants from full moon:

arrow spring garden party-1081.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1093.jpg

turning wire from a pallet into a woven tunnel:

arrow spring garden party-1095.jpg

our new sandbox:

arrow spring garden party-1097.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1100.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1102.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1105.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1108.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1111.jpg

jean & little sophia stopped by:

arrow spring garden party-1113.jpg

readying the music wall ingredients:

arrow spring garden party-1114.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1115.jpg

inside the "tunnel":

arrow spring garden party-1123.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1124.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1126.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1141.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1145.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1155.jpg

the music wall:

arrow spring garden party-1160.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1162.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1164.jpg

all clean & tidy, ready for play!

arrow spring garden party-1242.jpg

and now, onto the spring party...a planting station:

arrow spring garden party-1245.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1255.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1263.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1266.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1268.jpg

our lovely art ed student, rachel:

arrow spring garden party-1273.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1285.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1306.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1317.jpg

thanks to canopy for bringing over some sling swings:

arrow spring garden party-1325.jpg
arrow spring garden party-1319.jpg

thanks to everyone who helped with the party:

the uga ied student volunteers, marti's at midday, daily groceries, big city bread, full moon coop,rwood studio, treehouse, the arrow handwork group, rachel barnes, and many, many others! thank you!

playsilk dyeing workshop !

in late may, rene shoemaker led a dyeing workshop at arrow.

we dyed playsilks for our little ones, but in the process we learned about immersion dyeing and some of us played around with some tie dyeing too. we had lots of fun, and will do this again sometime !

the undyed silks drying on the line:

the dyed silks hanging in the garden:

more images from the day:


we are lucky to have uga art ed student rachel barnes leading a series of art activities for the summer. on our first day ladybugs appeared in a patch of green grass.

special thanks to mamas tabatha, rizzie and amanda for sewing our smocks!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

and we have really been enjoying the new addition to our space...

special things from

our friend didi

...the kids love them!