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arrow explores: west broad market garden

we hope everyone has had a good summer!

we recently took a field trip to the west broad market garden, on the ground of the former west broad school...we had such a great visit...so inspiring!

rebecca ennis, farm manager, led our crew on a tour of the farm...we tasted tomatillos, planted fava beans and even played with their maypole. we also got to meet ms. ethel, who is a longtime garden volunteer...what a great day we had!

we also made a donation to the garden as a thank you for letting us come visit! consider supporting them, by volunteering or making other donations...


math + play= fun!


arrow friend and local mama, karen gerow, led a workshop for arrow parents on saturday in the seedlings classroom. entitled, math + play, karen shared with us how to lay an early foundation for math through play. train sets, simple blocks, and old school games geared toward preschoolers (chutes and ladders) prime their brains for math learning through developing spatial skills, in addition to the obvious like getting them used to counting and learning numbers.

 arrow is such a good place for this sort of workshop because, while the adults were in the workshop, the children played in the adjacent room with arrow caregivers.


then, it was time to invite the little ones in to play at the stations that karen had set up...a train table, with blocks, or with chutes & ladders!


thank you to karen, and to all the families that participated in the workshop!

apple festival!

we had our first apple festival this past saturday at arrow...we had lots of sunshine, friendly faces, yummy pies and more! thanks to everyone who came!

tabatha and family made a run to hillcrest orchards in ellijay for apples.

(thanks, t, t, t, and f!)

author liana krissoff led an applesauce making workshop:

we blocked off the driveway with haybales, and had cider and popcron:

there were crafts, with a special blockprinting one led by susan & her 6 year old daughter, bird:

amanda played fiddle:

and, lastly, our apple pie contest:

thank you to these fine folks for contributing a pie:

5 & 10

the national

big city cafe

ike & jane


and arrow friends: sarah & lori

first place: ike & jane !

kid's choice: lori paluck !

maypop admires the wall of apples:

what a fun day!

thank you!

playsilk dyeing workshop !

in late may, rene shoemaker led a dyeing workshop at arrow.

we dyed playsilks for our little ones, but in the process we learned about immersion dyeing and some of us played around with some tie dyeing too. we had lots of fun, and will do this again sometime !

the undyed silks drying on the line:

the dyed silks hanging in the garden:

more images from the day:

the garden around the corner

while we have been

tending our wee plants

, we have really been getting inspired by the garden around the corner. we took a walk over there a few weeks ago and visited with karen who is the go-getter behind it.

this garden was carved out of a kudzu-covered vacant lot behind some houses and a church by the bare hands of many volunteers from the neighborhood and beyond. it is in its second year of growing. the garden was recently

awarded for its efforts


they have a 'museum' of all the artifacts they have unearthed: