our annual holiday open house...

every year we look forward to our holiday open house. we open up our doors the same evenings that the Athens Holiday Market is held in our courtyard and it is always so magical. we offer a few fun seasonal crafts for families to make together and hot cider. We also always have a nice selection of our "made by arrow" items available to purchase. they make great gifts all year round, and can be found online here.
This year our Seedling Class made lots of special winter snowflakes and a special snowman to display in our large window to the delight of passersby. and if you looked closely, you may have even spotted the pocket lady for a special surprise!


seedlings, in december

our little ones in the seedling class are really sweet. we are proud of this group and their leader, keara, has done a wonderful job, as has rachel, with coming up with activities that are creative, engaging, and imaginative. before the holidays, the group made presents for their families (felted soap for papa and scented bath salts for mamas), and then they played...dancing, riding on a "train" and drawing.